Solvent Printers & Vinyl Plotters

Vinyl Printing & Plotter Machines ensure fine and clear printing on vinyl sheets and roll of varying thickness. These machines are used to print on simple banners to vehicle graphics to building sized banners and vehicle wraps.Solvent based inks on vinyl is the least expensive and most durable combination available for super size banners, indoor or out, and billboards.

Xaar Head Printer - FY33VB
Seiko Flex Printer - FY3208H

Konika Head Printer
S3304 K5L-4C, S3306 K5L-6C, S3308 K5L-6C
JHF Konika Printer

RedSail Vinyl Cutter
RS1360C, RS1120C, RS800C, RS720C

  Paper Cup Machines

We offer an assortment of Paper Cup Machines which are highly available in various designs and ranges. Our products provide complete value for money to our clients' and are highly preferred on account of quality, long life, easy maintenance and cool prices.

SE-LI Ultrasonic paper cup forming Machine
SE-LI2 Double side PE-coated paper cup Machine

SE-LI900 Die Cutting Machine
SE-930 Creasing and Cutting Machine

  Non Woven Bags

This is fully automatic non-woven bag making machine and the machine designed by experienced team, this machine can produce different shape of shopping bags in low cost with high quality.

SE-A Series Fully automatic Making Machine
SE-B Series Fully automatic Making Machine

Soft Handle Sealing Machines - ONL-B700
SE- Nonwoven printing machine

4 Color HIGH Speed Flexographic Printing Machine

  Envelop Pasting Machines

Envelope Pasting Machine is mainly used for process of envelopes of various specifications. Optimization design has been carried out in process of thick paper Applying air sucking paper from the bottom of paper pile and feeding mechanism. It can facilitate the supply of paper without stop. It can accurately pull the pin out and locate. Gluing mode of turning wheel guarantees the evenness of gluing and controls the glue amount. The machine is designed with barrier folding mechanism of double air-sucking roller for accurate folding.

SE-530 western-style pasting machine
SE-391 western-style pasting machine

SE-291 western-style pasting machine
SE-800 hydraulic platform die cutting machines

  Paper Bag & Box Making Machines

Modern Paper Bag Making Machines for manufacture of Flat and Satchel Paper Bags from Kraft paper, vegetable parchment, poster, glassine and other papers of similar nature. These automatic paper bag making machines have been designed incorporating latest improvements and are available for manufacture of different ranges of paper bags for packing of foodstuffs, confectionery, readymade garments, tobacco and snuff, ice cream and many other items.

Our rigid box machines are suitable for the production of various rigid boxes, gift boxes, shoe boxes, shirt boxes, moon cake boxes, jewellery boxes and so on. Both automatic and semi-automatic are available. The rigid making machines including automatic rigid making machine and semi-automatic rigid making machine.

Paper Bag Making machine
Bottom Paper Bag Cylinder-forming

Bottom Pasting Machine
Box Making Machine
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