Konica PrintHead INKJET Printer - D3306FNS

The print head is Konica KM-512/256(42pl/14pl) form Japanese Konica Minolta, this kind of print head is very stable and long life.
The real resolution is 720dpi, but after rip can reach 1440dpi.
Extra media pressing system ensure the flatness of media, so as to protect the print head and improve printing resolution.
Strengthened steel girder and imported PALL filter and ink tube make sure the machine long life and high quality. And make every drop of ink into the right position.
Advanced siphon ink supply system insures the fast printing and the smooth ink supply, No ink breaks, No print head block.
Special function of anti-block for the print-head: Self-exhaust function of the print-head; Manual ink pressing device.
Media printing table with vacuum suction makes shortest distance between the print-head and the media gives a precise feeding and flat media moving, increase printing resolution and decrease bandings.
Tri heater system and power fan, warm up the media before printing, improves absorbility of the media and help dry printing job, so as to enhance outdoor durability.
The design of electro circuit ensures fast and stable printing as well as the security of the print-head.
Separate color cleaning system, it allows user to clean any separate color in one time, make job more effective and save ink.

  •  Model
  •  Print head
  Konica KM512LN(14pl)
  •  Print head quantity
  •  Resolution
  Height resolution 1440dpi
  •  Print Speed
  •  2 Pass
  •  3 Pass
  •  4 Pass
  •  Media
  •  Printing Width
  •  Type
  PVC Banner / vinyl / coating film / mesh / fabrics / paper
  •  Ink
  •  Type
  •  Capacity
  6 colors (C.M.Y.K,LC,LM)
  1 little / 5 little
  •  Work environment
  Temperature 20-28 Humidity: 40% - 60%
  •  RIP software
  Photoprint / wasatch / maintop
  •  Head Height
  2-4mm, adjustable
  •  Interface
  •  Power
  Single-phase: 220v / 500w-1800w
  •  Dimension
  •  Machine
  •  Packing
  L4610 X W880 XH1240mm / 432kg
  L4700 X W1000 X H1500mm
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