Infiniti / Challenger - Xaar Head Printer (FY33VB)

Adopting Xaar 128/40pl Print heads with good Stability.
Wider rail for efficient, stable carriage.
Linear encoder printing system ensures accurate ink jet position.
Heater system, separate control temperature device, temperature display.
Automatic vacuum cleaning, ink flushing devices, and stainless steel plate for keeping print heads clean.
Automatic media suction device, print only on the nearest media position.
Advanced ink supply system ensures print speed and accurate ink injection.
Printing while Ripping and blank skip in X&Y directions, enhances printing Efficiency.
Simple assembles arms, easy installation.
Fast and fluent X axis moving system.
USB2.0 high speed data port ensure high speed and quality and long scale output printing.

  •  Model
  •  Print head
  On-demand Piezo Head, XAARXJ128
  •  Number of Print head
  4 heads   8 heads   12 heads   16 heads
  •  Maximum Print Width
  •  Print Speed
  •  Draft
  •  Standard
  •  High Quality
  15.10m2/hr   30.20m2/hr   45.30m2/hr   60.40m2/hr
  10.00m2/hr   20.10m2/hr   30.15m2/hr   40.20m2/hr
  7.50m2/hr   15.00m2/hr   22.50m2/hr   30.00m2/hr
  •  Ink
  •  Type
  •  Color
  •  Capacity
  •  Ink Supply System
  Solvent Ink
  Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black
  1000ml Per Main Tank lf Each Color
  Low Ink Detector, Auto or Manual Ink Supply System
  •  Media
  •  Width
  •  Type
  3300mm (129.92inch)
  Vinyl, Window Film, Polyester, Flex, etc
  Roll Media or Sheet Media
  •  Auto Media Feeding System
  Equipped(Take-up System Optional)
  •  Auto Cleaning System
  Positive & Negative Pressure Cleaning(Vacuum Cleaner Optional)
  Anti-clogged Flash Function
  •  Pre-heater& Dry System
  Equipped (Fan Optional)
  •  Clamp
  •  Print Interface
  USB2.0 or High Speed to Printing Interface Card
  •  Print head Height
  2 to 4mm Above Media Adjustable
  •  RIP Software
  INFINITI RIP or Others
  •  power supply
  •  Machine Dimension
  •  Package Dimension
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