SE-LI1 - Ultrasonic Paper Cup Forming Machine

    Product Description

SE-LD paper cup forming machine is an automatic multi-working station machine with photo sensor detecting, failure alarming and counting function.

It is available for making both one-side and two side PE film coated paper cup against the procedure of automatic paper feeding, sealing, silicon-oil lubricating, bottom punching, heating, knurling, curling and cup discharging. In this machine, adopt ultrasonic system to seal the cup-side body. So it is suitable for making two-side and one-side PE coated paper with full printing design cups.

Two-sides PE paper cups are popular for both hot and cold drinks, Such as soft drinks, ice-cream and coffee etc.

  •  Model
  •  Cup Size
  2 - 12 oz
  •  Raw Material
  Two-sides / one-side PE(polyethylene) film coated paper (170-420g/m2)
  •  Power Source
  380V, 220V, 50Hz / 380V, 220V 50Hz or other required
  •  Productivity
  45 - 55 pcs/min
  •  Total Power
  4 KW
  •  Weight
  1350 Kg
  •  Size (L*W*H)
  2470 mm * 1200 mm * 1780 mm
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