ONL-B700 - Soft Handle Sealing Machine

    Product Description

Soft-hand ring bag machine is behind the release of a vice-Rack, vice expected to equal the width of the hand-held length of the article, this pair is expected to cut into the long and narrow strip, and deliver it into the top part of the fold, soft bag of hand-held vice Material transportation systems using stepper motor transport, it has a precision of deputy expected to send, seal cutting, and at the same time the accuracy of the Seal in the center of the bag.

  •  Bag Width
  250 mm - 600 mm wide bags
  •  Bag thickness
   0.05 - 0.2 mm
  •  AC Power
  220 V
  •  Speed
  18 pcs/min
  •  Machine dimensions (L × W × H)
  1.65 m × 1.56 m × 1.24 m
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