4 Color HIGH Speed Flexographic Printing Machine

Low speed and full load startup; stable running by tension control when increasing and decreasing speed , noise is decreased.
High dots presentation rate under high speed; clear and vivid stratification of screen printing; strong stereo effect and accurate registering.
Aluminum roller adopts the Japan semi-sealing small bearing; flinty oxidation, static and dynamic balancing treatments are conducted; low resistance and small flop.
The special made modulus angular gears adopted; accurate printing size and full printing specifications (5mm is a spec).
With the air exhaust, blowing and heating settings; the heating system adopts the central thermostatic control system and group management, also with the cold air forming devices.
Printing rolls should keep moving while machine halted.
Material holder use air shaft.
Autotension control.
Unwind with auto deviation correction system (EPC).
EDGE position control.
Reversible printing 4 color press for 4+0, 1+3, 2+2, 1 set of printing cylinder, sizes: 15 inches.

  •  Printing color
  4 Color
  •  Printing width
  1160 mm
  •  Web path width
  1200 mm
  •  Printing length repeat
  180 ~ 1000mm (7.5" ~ 40")
  •  Printing speed
  80 meters/per minute
  •  Plate thickness
  2.28 mm
  •  Anilox roller
  130-300 LPI metal
  •  Register precision
  Longitude ±0.15mm, Transverse ±0.15mm (manual control)
  •  Unwind reel diameter
  1000 mm
  •  Rewind reel diameter
  1000 mm
  •  Unwind and rewind web cylinder
  76 mm (inner diameter)
  •  Unwind holder
  Automatic loader
  •  Press power
  Mechanic control
  •  Inking
  Auto cyclic system, one diaphragm pump
  •  Inking distributing
  Deceleration motor (reduction ratio 1 : 50)
  •  Drying model
  Electric heating
  •  Drying power
  14 KW
  •  Blower
  2.2 KW x 2pc, 1.1 KW x 2pcs
  •  Main motor power
  3.7 KW (Taiwan brand motor )
  •  Inking motor
  0.2 KW
  •  Outline size
  4.9 × 2.3 × 3.5 m
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