SE-291 - Western-Style Envelope and Paper Bag Pasting Machine

    Product Description

The machine is used both in china and western countries, the feature is to clicit the proper from the bottom and transport it out effectively to avoid the phenomenon of double paper entering at one time; meanwhile, the machine adopts the way of pressing the wrinkle or foldness of the four sides of the proper which increases the precision and reduces the error; transverse parts adopt the way of inhaling the air current with the tongue of the poper, which reduces the phenomenon of the blocking of the poper and transit the fence smoothly; system of transmission adopts the axletrww, sychronous wheel and synchronous cincture to improve the speed and reduce the noise.

  •  Max-speed
  12000 pcs/h
  •  Processing spec
  Chinese (100*100-160*230 mm), western (90*90-230*160 mm)
  •  Applioalbe paper
  80 - 157 g/m2
  •  Motor power
  4.5 KW
  •  Weight of machine
  1200 KG
  •  Dimensions of machine
  3000 * 790 * 1400 mm
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